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Suspend your excise duty and VAT with AMCO bonded warehousing

Posted on 13.03.2020

UK Bonded Warehouses are a great way to manage cash flow through your business. With today’s fluctuating exchange rates post Brexit, choosing a bonded warehouse to store your stock and equipment without paying import duty or VAT is a wise choice. While your goods are in safe hands with AMCO customs bonded warehouse, your stock, which would usually incur duty or import VAT, is suspended until sold. This gives your business the flexibility to develop a sales strategy to suit the current marketplace. But what other benefits are there? Speedy sales with warehousing and distribution With the massive increase in...

Amco Services International Announce the appointment of Mark Jones As Operations Director

Posted on 20.02.2020

Amco Services International Announce the appointment of Mark Jones As Operations Director UK Midlands based, global logistics, warehousing and transport business Amco Services International strengthens its senior management team with the appointment of Mark Jones to the newly created role of Operations Director to support the business following a period of significant business wins and growth. Amco reported record results in 2019 and are looking at an even better 2020 with a strong pipeline and strong growth plans. 53% growth over the past 3 years has positioned Amco to continue investing in IT and capital investment across their 4 UK...

The 6 roles of warehousing in logistics

Posted on 11.02.2020

Warehousing is just one part of an effective logistics management system for businesses, but without it, businesses are likely to face all sorts of problems. A warehouse’s value is sometimes exactly what you think – for sorting goods and keeping them safe and secure. But equally, there are some less obvious social and economic benefits to having a warehouse, so they have a bigger role than you think in the logistics of a business. 1. Inventory control By having a warehouse, it is much easier for businesses to manage a large amount of inventory. Warehouses can help when a company...

6 reasons why you should use bonded warehousing

Posted on 11.02.2020

A UK bonded warehouse is a secure warehouse facility that’s covered by customs rules, meaning companies that export goods will often use them to store their products. But why else might you use bonded warehousing? Here’s six reasons why it might be the type of warehousing your business needs. 1. Most warehouses hold goods for years When it comes to bonded warehouses, most of them will agree to hold items for at least four years if not more. The warehouses will be fully equipped to preserve the quality of goods properly, whatever your company produces. With most bonded warehouses having...

5 reasons why you might need a bonded warehouse

Posted on 11.01.2020

Bonded warehouses allow businesses to store their consignments, stock and goods while their duty or import VAT payments are suspended. Usually, this involves your goods being packed as one very large consignment which then has to be broken down as it’s sold. But why specifically might you need to use a bonded warehouse? 1. No need to pay import duty and VAT until goods are sold Essentially bonded warehouses are a great option to help you manage your cash flow. By using one, you will be given a bond and this bond ensures that there is no loss of revenue...

Amco Hit the Headlines with Warehouse and Logistics News

Posted on 08.01.2020

Record results for Amco Some great new business unwrapped in time for 2020 Midlands based UK, European and International Warehousing and Logistics experts Amco finished 2019 with record results in their 36-year history and are looking at an even better 2020 with a strong pipeline and strong growth plans. 53% growth over the past 3 years has positioned Amco to continue investing in IT and capital investment across their 4 UK sites and more investment into their fleet in the UK and Eastern Europe. Amco has a strong bias towards the Automotive, Manufacturing and Engineering sectors, starting life as a specialist...


Posted on 30.11.2019

Amco took the decision to strive for ISO 14001 and have been certified the standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Manufacturing Today Europe Feature

Posted on 30.11.2019


Top tips: Using a bonded warehouse to your advantage

Posted on 22.11.2019

Bonded warehouses are often used without thinking. But in time-critical logistics, we know that your business needs to make the most of every trade choice you make. With Brexit on the horizon, and the impact of the UK’s departure from the UK still largely unknown, using a bonded warehouse could be the safe and stable decision your company needs right now. We take a look at some top tips for using a bonded warehouse to benefit your company. What is a bonded warehouse? First, let’s take a look at what a bonded warehouse is. A bonded warehouse is essentially a...

Brexit, Black Friday and Christmas warehousing crisis

Posted on 15.10.2019

With the rapidly approaching Brexit deadline of October 31st getting ever closer, the effects on the UK’s warehousing capacity is becoming troublesome for many businesses. Stockpiling of many types of goods has been problematic enough, but add to this the seasonal demands of Black Friday and Christmas, and businesses of all types are struggling to cope with the demand for space. Space, the final frontier With an estimated £6.6 billion worth of goods stockpiled before the original March departure date, the delay in leaving Europe has shifted much of this requirement right into the timeframe of Black Friday and Christmas....

What is a bonded warehouse and how will it benefit my business after Brexit?

Posted on 09.09.2019

UK logistics and inventory management can be extremely time-critical and will be even more so following Brexit. If you don’t already use bonded warehousing for imports or overseas exports, this brief post provides the essential details and some of the benefits of bonded warehousing following the UK’s departure from the EU. What is a bonded warehouse? Bonded warehousing has been in existence since the 1800s, and was first proposed by Robert Walpole as a way for the UK government to handle excise fraud on tobacco and wine. The bonded warehouse system actually came to fruition from 1803 and has worked...

Warehousing mistakes you need to avoid

Posted on 13.08.2019

Whether you own a general or bonded warehouse, there are certain mistakes you should avoid so that things run smoothly. Running a warehouse is much more than just having a place to store goods in. Here are some key warehousing mistakes you can save yourself from making: Pushing health and safety to the side Health and safety might seem like a headache to implement, but it’s even more of one when things go wrong. Save yourself the time (and potential injuries!) by making sure your warehouse and staff are fully equipped with all the necessary measures and uniform for safe...

3 benefits of using bonded warehousing

Posted on 08.08.2019

Thanks to exponential growth in new, digitally driven sectors such as e-commerce, the demand for reliable warehouse space has never been higher. As changing international markets cause demand for goods to rise in regions many companies may not be familiar with trading in, there is an increased emphasis on finding ways to circumvent the punishing tariffs and export-import taxes these countries have developed. This is especially relevant for newer businesses who are trying to broaden their customer base without sacrificing growth-inducing profit. Bonded warehousing offers a solution to these issues, providing a number of benefits to entrepreneurial suppliers looking to...


Posted on 17.07.2019

The UK, Midlands based Amco Group have been appointed by Webasto Group to manage and provide the transport and logistics across their U.K. and European supplier base for their Automotive roofing system components collections. The contract has been awarded on the strength of Amco’s extensive experience in the Automotive sector, and their abilities operationally, to provide a flexible transport network. Amco will use their vehicle fleet to collect components from Webasto’s 50 European ‘child part’ suppliers, providing FTL, LTL, ( Full Truckload, Less than Truckload) and ‘milk runs’ back into the Webasto U.K. assembly facility in Minworth in the West...
Amco - logistics for your world


Posted on 17.07.2019

Click to Download this PR statement The UK, Midlands based Amco Group have secured a new contract with Sertec Group for the management and implementation of the Sertec Group logistics network and transport requirements. This move to Amco by Sertec is to streamline their transport processes as part of the company seeking improvement inefficiencies and a cost reduction as part of their planned development and growth. Amco first approached Sertec to discuss how the two companies could work together and looking at each other strengths it was identified in the business analysis that the current Sertec transport and logistics network...
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