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A Short Guide to International Sea Freight

Posted on 08.03.2019

Businesses that export goods and commodities usually face some challenges when it comes to transporting their products to their customers. To overcome this challenge, they need to hire services such as sea freight, air freight or transport companies that will take care of the logistics of their goods. As the world’s most affordable way of shipping, sea freight plays a vital role in the global supply chain. To know some facts about sea freight services, read on. It is more cost-effective than air freight services but the delivery takes time As compared to air shipments, sea freight is calculated by...

International Shipping Tips and Guidelines for Air Freight

Posted on 13.02.2019

There are several different reasons why goods are shipped from one country to another; usually, because the products imported are not available domestically. It is also possible that the manufacturing costs of goods are less expensive if done abroad. Regardless of the reason, it cannot be denied that international cargo shipping is common these days, especially with the rapid growth of e-commerce. If you are an entrepreneur looking to book your first air freight service or an experienced shipper, we are here to give you some tips to help you with the process. Expenses When dealing with air freight services,...

Amco selected by BBC Midlands Today for TV feature on Warehousing and the effects of Brexit

Posted on 01.02.2019

  Will you be stockpiling ahead of Brexit? Do you need space NOW?   Peter Plisner, the Business and Transport Correspondent for BBC Midlands Today spotted Amco Services warehouse facility ‘Amco Park’ on Stowga (the on-demand marketplace for buying and selling warehousing and logistics services), and approached Stowga’s CEO Charlie Pool and Amco’s Brexit expert and Head of Supply Chain Compliance, Stuart Tooze  to arrange an interview for BBC Midlands Today.   The TV interview took place at Amco Park our flagship bonded warehouse facility in Redditch.   BBC Midlands Today correspondent Peter Plisner was pressing for answers as to...

A Guide To Pallet Racking

Posted on 19.01.2019

Pallet racking is a fundamental component of warehouse or distribution centres that maximises storage density by using vertical space. It creates a positive effect on the organisation and productivity of a warehouse facility. Often part of logistics solutions, pallet racks are made up of vertical upright frames and horizontal load beams that are designed to support different loads. There are different racking systems that can be used depending on your storage needs. We have listed here some of the commonly used pallet racking configurations. Wide-Aisle Pallet Racking This cost-effective racking system allows direct access to palletised products because of its...


Posted on 29.11.2018

Amco Group are delighted to announce that they have secured a new packaging supply contract with another major 1st Tier automotive supplier. This follows a recent packaging assembly contract agreed between Amco and Denso Group. The packaging supply contract came after an initial enquiry from Futaba Industrial UK (FIUK) for metal Gitterbox mesh stillages with a half drop front. These are industry standard rigid and stacking stillages used in 1st tier manufacturing. These Gitterboxes were required for an initial 3 month period for production trial products manufactured by FIUK for Toyota. Amco Group were able to supply FIUK with the...

What Is a Bonded Warehouse and Should Your Business Use One?

Posted on 28.11.2018

What is a bonded warehouse? Otherwise known as a customs warehouse, a bonded warehouse is a highly secured facility that follows stringent customs regulations. This is essentially a duty-free zone where imported consignments, stocks and goods for export can stay inside the country without formally entering the market. In bonded warehousing, companies are not required to settle import tax and value-added tax (VAT) until the items are sold. Here are some known benefits of using a bonded warehouse for businesses: Full logistical support – Bonded warehouses are modern facilities equipped with a fleet of equipment and vehicles to meet the...


Posted on 26.11.2018

Amco Services International are delighted to announce that they have won another packaging supply contract with a major 1st Tier automotive supplier. The Packaging Assembly Supply contract is to source, assemble and supply DENSO with heavy duty corrugated pallet boxes for the export of finished goods to a major automotive OEM. The award of this contract demonstrates Amco’s capability to assemble packaging materials and products and also to operate a best in class assembly facility from their Amco Telford hub. DENSO Manufacturing UK Ltd supplies HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units, radiators, and ECMs (Engine Cooling Modules) to a distinguished...
Amco - logistics for your world

Amco to launch a twice weekly groupage service to Nitra in Slovakia

Posted on 31.10.2018

Amco to launch a twice weekly groupage service from AMCO’s UK hub out to Nitra in Slovakia and twice weekly from Slovakia and Hungary back to the UK. Amco Group offer a comprehensive and flexible system of European Logistics and Transport services across Europe including groupage (Consolidation). There is an increase in transport requirements between The UK and Slovakia predominately attributed to a high level of activity from the Automotive OEMs including Volkswagen, PSA Peugeot Citroën and more recently Jaguar Land Rover who opened its state-of-the-art €1.4bn (£1bn) manufacturing facility on the 25th October 2018. The high level of activity from the OEM’s manufacturing facilities...
Amco - logistics for your world

Optimise Your Supply Chain With These Distribution Models

Posted on 17.10.2018

Are your inventory stocking locations in the ideal place to best serve your customers? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. This article will tackle one of the most crucial parts of warehousing and distribution: coming up with new models for a more efficient supply chain and maintaining its efficiency. But there are a lot other things to consider and the primary salient point is the setup. Distribution models can include a wide range of different setups, which can all be very useful when applied to the correct business or business model. There can be many reasons as to why...

Things to Remember When Shipping Parcels Internationally

Posted on 17.10.2018

Freight shipping is convenient for those who have businesses involved in the trading of goods Internationally. This service is a great help in moving products to their destination on time, safely and in a cost effective manner. Although a reliable mode of delivery, sending a consignment abroad can be a stressful business. To help you with this, we have listed a few important things to remember when shipping. Research on country-specific regulations Remember that every country has their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to sending packages. This may concern import taxes and acceptable import products. It...
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